Isometric 3D maps

based on OpenStreeetMap data

Isometric 3D maps of some cities

The following (mostly) german cities have been rendered as isometric 3D maps based on OpenStreetMap data:

City Last update
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The OSM data of the renderings might be up to 5 days older than the rendering date.

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osm-isometric-3d is the webfrontend and script for generating and uploading the above maps and this website automatically. The script is written in Python and Javascript for the webfrontend.

How it works:

System requirements: Unix (Linux, Mac OS), at least 2 GB of RAM. The script needs the tools osmosis, osm2pov (see below), povray installed to run properly (for details see the README file). The webfrontend uses the LeafletJS library.

Latest changes:

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osm2pov converts OpenStreeetMap data files to povray files, that can be rendered with povray. The code that is used for the above renderings can be found at, which is a fork of The code is released under the GPL v3.

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Nils Breyer

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